A Coin for your Cricket’: The CricHeroes Special Edition

Ever felt the rush before a match? The butterflies in your stomach, the excitement in the air? We get it because we’re cricketers too, just like you. And we’ve got something cool to share that’ll make those pre-match moments even more special – our very own Cricket Coin.

A Coin for your Cricket': The CricHeroes Special Edition

Now, this isn’t just any coin. It’s a tiny piece of cricketing magic that fits right in your pocket. We thought, why not make the toss, something we all love and cherish, a bit more special? 

So, when we created this coin, it came with a lot of passion and love for the game. 

When you hold this coin, think of it as a piece of your cricketing journey. 

It’s there to bring a bit of luck, a sprinkle of excitement, and a whole lot of fun to your matches

Toss it before your game, and let the spirit of cricket guide you. Win or lose, this coin reminds you that every moment on the field is a win in itself. We want this coin to stay with you, always. 

Toss it in whatever format you play; whether it is a friendly match or an impromptu match in your backyard. It’s a small token, but it carries the weight of our shared love for the game.

Why did we do this? Because, to us, Your Cricket Matters

It’s not just a game; it’s a passion that brings us all together. 

It’s in the high-fives after a good shot, the laughter shared during breaks, and the friendships formed on the field. This coin represents all that and more.

So, fellow cricketer, next time you reach into your pocket and feel this coin, remember you’re not alone on the field. We’re right there with you, cheering you on. 

It’s a special gift from us to you, celebrating our shared passion on CricHeroes’ 7th Anniversary! 

Currently available in The Dressing Room for the first few merchandise orders.

Play on, and let the Cricket Coin be your lucky charm. Because in the world of cricket, every toss is a new story, and every cricketer, including you, is a star.

Happy playing!

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