The place where it all starts- Gully cricket: The rules of the game and what it is?

Gully cricket: The rules of the game and what it is
The place where it all starts- Gully cricket: The rules of the game and what it is? “Shamko 5 baje milte hai park mein. Ball leke aana”- Indian cricket lovers raise ...
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Future of Grassroots Cricket

Future of Grassroots Cricket
There is immense growth and investment being made to uplift the IPL and international cricket and on the other end, the grassroots cricketers feel neglected and unrecognised. Grassroots (local) cricket ...
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All you need to know about types of pitches in cricket.

Types of Cricket Pitches
Different types of Cricket pitches? Really? Does that even exist? Let’s find out! At the time of the toss, when your hearts are racing and the two competing captains are ...
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What is Net Run Rate (NRR) in cricket?

Net Run Rate (NRR) in cricket
One of the most common yet less understood abbreviations in cricket is NRR. You have probably seen it on your TV screen as well but have you ever wondered how NRR ...
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All about cricket umpire hand signals — Different types and their meaning

hand signals for cricket umpires
Even after watching cricket for ages, understanding cricket umpire’s signals can be a wee bit confusing. Talking about confusion, how can we forget the unique improvisations performed by Billy Bowden? ...
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It’s maximum!. I still remember the day when my

It’s maximum!
I still remember the day when my co-founder Meet and I along with Siddharth (our current tournament team captain) and a couple of more guys went to score our first ...
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How to Become a Good Cricketer at any age : literally age no bar!

Become a Good Cricketer at any age
The question of how to become a cricketer after a certain age has haunted many generations of players. There are certain questions we all get after a particular age. Can ...
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Listen to the Duck Tales — Types of Duck in Cricket!

Types of Duck in Cricket
Cricket is a popular game but the infinite jargon in the game is a tough nut to crack. Often we hear these terms: a batter is out for a diamond ...
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Mentor in Cricket — Explained — Should every captain be ‘Captain Cool’.

Mentor in Cricket
In 2021, around one year into his retirement, MS Dhoni made a special comeback. In his new role as Indian cricket mentor, Captain Cool entered the dressing room of the ...
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Mongoose Bat bringing in more controversies than runs!

Mongoose Bat
Former Australian opener Matthew Hayden took the cricket world by storm in the 2010 IPL third season. But what was so unusual? The use of the unheard and controversial Mongoose ...
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