CricHeroes Honored as a Dun & Bradstreet Start-Up 50 Trailblazer: Building a Grassroots Cricket Community

Dun & Bradstreet Start-Up 50 Trailblazer 2024
An ordinary breezy evening in Bengaluru turned into an evening that buzzed with excitement. Among many promising faces with their energy, there was CricHeroes sitting at the heart of the ...
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Heroes of October: Grassroot Cricketers Who Ruled the Cricket Field

Heroes of October 2023
Cricket is a sport that millions of people around the world love to play or to watch. It’s not just about the famous players and the big tournaments. It’s also ...
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Celebrating the Heroes of September 2023

Heroes of September 2023
Cricket is a sport that is often defined by its statistics and records. From the highest individual scores to the fastest deliveries, these milestones are celebrated and cherished by fans ...
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Unsung Cricketing Heroes: Local Cricket Heroes of August 2023

Heroes of August 2023
Cricket is a sport that thrives on statistics and records, and every now and then, unsung heroes emerge from the shadows to make their mark in the cricketing world. In ...
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Your Cricket Matters: How CricHeroes is Revolutionizing the Game

Your Cricket Matters
Your Cricket Matters: Celebrating the Heart of CricHeroes Picture this: you and your buddies, bat in hand, standing on a patch of ground that’s more dirt than grass. The sun’s ...
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Celebrating the Local Cricket Heroes of July 2023

Local Cricket Heroes of July 2023
Cricket is more than just a sport; it is a passion that unites millions of fans around the world. From the thrilling centuries to the magnificent bowling spells, cricket has ...
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June 2023: Exceptional Grassroots Cricket Players’ Performances

Heroes of June 2023
In the realm of cricket, the month of June witnessed spectacular performances that etched the names of certain players in gold. CricHeroes, the hub of cricket enthusiasts, saw several remarkable ...
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Heroes of March 2023: Exceptional grassroots cricket players’ performances in the month of March

Local Cricket Heroes of March 2023
March was an exciting month for cricket enthusiasts and us as we witnessed some exceptional performances from various players. From scoring tons of runs to taking a bucketful of wickets, ...
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Heroes of February 2023: Recognizing talented grassroots players and their exceptional performance.

Heroes of February 2023
February was another outstanding month for Cricheroes and its players– it was raining wickets and runs. And similar to our initiative– Heroes of January, we had both women and men ...
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CricHeroes awardees making it big at the Women’s Premier League 2023 auctions

Women’s Premier League 2023 auctions
With immense pride and a sense of fulfillment, CricHeroes is excited to announce that two awardees in the recently conducted CricHeroes Awards 2022, Kiran Navgire and Shreyanka Patil, have landed ...
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