Are you a cricketer?

If yes, I am sure you have faced one or the other dilemma MilanKarthik or Nawab are going through in following videos.

These videos are our humble attempt to create various awkward situations typical cricketers face in their cricketing lives and how CricHeroes can help overcome them.

So watch them and share them with someone who has faced such situations. And don’t forget to give your feedback in the comments.

1. Lost the match because of one dropped catch?

Every cricketer has encountered this moment in his life.

One crucial catch is dropped and an entire match is lost!

That fielder is dejected and everyone is disappointed with him. But if you look closely, it is seldom the case. You don’t lose a match because of just one dropped catch but because of many small mistakes during the match. This hilarious video emotes such situations and how CricBaba exposes this myth with the help of insights from CricHeroes!

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2. Always batting first after winning the toss?

Before every match, the team captain faces some tough choices.

What to opt for after winning the toss? Whom to open bowling with?

If you feel familiar with Milan (captain in this video), you will have your set choices like always batting first after winning the toss, opening bowling with a fast bowler. But do they always work? CricBaba is here to rescue the captain with some unorthodox but data-driven choices powered by the CricHeroes App!

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3. Strategy kya hai captain?

We feel for the captains!

More often than not, they are at the receiving end if their teams do not perform.

But what can they do? How do they know their players’ weaknesses? Correct batting order? Field placing against an attacking batsman? Well, it’s their job to know, isn’t it? Yes, we agree but we are here to help anyways. Watch how Milan gets his strategy in place after a quick visit to the washroom! After all, that’s the ultimate place to get great ideas, ain’t it? 🙂

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4. No wickets in last 4 matches?

Every bowler goes through this phase at least once in his career.

There comes a time when taking even a single wicket becomes a hard nut to crack.

Somehow everyone knows your bowling style now and they have adopted while you still haven’t! So how do you come out of this slump? Obviously you need to try something different. But how do you know what’s different? Well, once again CricBaba is here to rescue bowlers from their lean patch. How’s that! 😉

I am sure you have at least one bowler friend who is struggling to get wickets. Why don’t you enlighten him with this video?

5. Ye match to haath se gayi?

Chasing 180+ score in a T20 match? Always a difficult task!

The score looks insurmountable; especially when you have 2 players, in the squad, you have never played before.

We are sure you have faced this situation multiple times as a captain (or as an adviser to the captain which we all are!). Well, as always CricBaba has a plan for you. Now watch this video, keep calm and chase that target!

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So, that’s it. What do you think? Have you faced any such situations or a weirder one? Please share them in comments and enlighten me! 🙂

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