CricHeroes Honored as a Dun & Bradstreet Start-Up 50 Trailblazer: Building a Grassroots Cricket Community

Dun & Bradstreet Start-Up 50 Trailblazer 2024

An ordinary breezy evening in Bengaluru turned into an evening that buzzed with excitement. Among many promising faces with their energy, there was CricHeroes sitting at the heart of the conference room.

As the evening unfolded, the announcement came: CricHeroes was named a Dun & Bradstreet Start-Up 50 Trailblazer of 2024! 

Our very own Parth Jhala stepped up to the stage, beaming with joy as he accepted the award on behalf of the entire CricHeroes family. 

It wasn’t just an award – it was a symbol of our journey, our relentless pursuit of making cricket more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Building a Cricket Community!

CricHeroes was born from a love for cricket, a desire to bring the game closer to the hearts of fans everywhere. A platform where you can follow live scores, track your friends’ performances, and delve into the stats of players from every corner of the globe. Imagine the excitement of seeing your name in the leaderboard, of sharing moments of triumph and learning with a global community of cricket enthusiasts. 

That’s what CricHeroes is all about – creating a grassroots cricket community where everyone, from players to coaches to fans, can connect and celebrate the sport they love.

Always Innovating

Dun & Bradstreet Start-Up 50 Trailblazer 2024

We’ve poured our hearts into creating a platform that not only tracks matches and stats in real-time but also helps players improve their game and engages them. Every small update is made with rigorous discussions, and with thorough feedback. 

Importance of the Award

The Dun & Bradstreet Start-Up 50 Trailblazer 2024 award is more than just an accolade – it’s a recognition of our dedication, our hard work, and our vision. It’s a nod to every late-night coding session, every brainstorming meeting, and every bit of effort we’ve put into making CricHeroes what it is today. This award is a testament to our commitment to changing the game, to making cricket more inclusive and engaging.

And guess what? We’re only just beginning. With this recognition, we’re inspired to push even further, to innovate even more, and to make cricket as awesome as it can be for you.


So, here’s our invitation to you: join us on this incredible journey. Be a part of our cricket community, whether you’re playing, coaching, or cheering for your loved ones. At CricHeroes, there’s something for everyone who loves the game. Together, let’s celebrate cricket, let’s share our passion, create unforgettable memories and share the stage with us next time.

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