It’s maximum!. I still remember the day when my

I still remember the day when my co-founder Meet and I along with Siddharth (our current tournament team captain) and a couple of more guys went to score our first ever real matches on CricHeroes. The matches were of the Gujarat University Inter College Cricket Tournament 2016.

About 50 colleges participated in the tournament and 40-over matches were to be played on four different grounds in parallel in Ahmedabad. It was a big deal!

We had the CricHeroes beta app which could only do basic player registration and scoring. It didn’t even have the facility to check full scorecards. For that, you had to open up a special web link. I was definitely nervous.

We reached the respective grounds before time as we had to click pictures of all the players and register them. I must say they treated us very kindly and were more than happy to pose for an app they had never heard of!

Once the scoring started, I shared a scorecard link with some players and asked them to share it with others. Looking at their gleaming faces I realised we were onto something. The first day of scoring went without a major hiccup. I was particularly proud of the fact that we could score multiple matches in parallel and our code worked as expected! This routine went on for twenty more days. I thoroughly enjoyed my role as a scorer and eating dabelivada paumaska bun for lunch.

Fast forward 6 years and on 17th Oct 2022, thousands of cricket matches all around the world were scored in a day without a glitch on CricHeroes. We have come a long way and what a journey it has been!

Here is the snapshot of how we have grown so far.

Registered Users on CricHeroes
Number of Matches on Cricheroes
Ecosystem on CricHeroes
No of Tournament on Cricheroes

So why did we start CricHeroes?

I always felt that we, the local cricketers, don’t get enough credit (or recognition) for making cricket, the second-most popular sport in the world.

There was definitely a need for something which allowed grassroots cricketers to showcase their talent, recognised them and made them better. These 3 objectives have been the pillars of CricHeroes from day one.

But it has not been an easy ride.

I am thankful to my friends and family who trusted me with their money which helped us get started. I am thankful to the early team of CricHeroes, who believed in me and my ideas.

After a couple of rounds of funding, I struggled to convince new investors. I got about 100 rejections before I could convince one investor.

We struggled to keep our servers up during peak times, generally Sunday mornings, for many weeks. I am thankful to my team, who worked round the clock during these highly stressful times. I am truly blessed to have them always by my side.

Above all, I am thankful to our users, the passionate cricketers, hardworking organisers, sincere scorers, dutiful umpires, funny commentators, disciplined coaches, easy going ground owners, ambitious businesses, progressive cricket associations and even eager parents for having deep faith in us. Without them, we are nothing.

After 6 years, we are just getting started. We will work tirelessly to bridge the gap between grassroots and international cricket with the help of technology. We will keep connecting each and every stakeholder of grassroots cricket with each other for mutual benefits. We will keep democratising Cricket for every cricketer and cricket enthusiast in the world.

Let me end this note with 6 interesting trivia of CricHeroes’ last 6 years.

  1. 2022 is the year with the most number of maximum scored on CricHeroes. The number is staggering 1,17,23,736!
  2. The sixth match on CricHeroes was played in Ahmedabad between Gov Science College, Gandhinagar (GU) and HACC (GU) on St Xavier’s College ground.
  3. There have been 51,326 6-wickets hauls on CricHeroes so far.
  4. 8,318 fielders have taken 6 catches in a match in the last 6 years.
  5. 246,069 6-over matches have been scored on CricHeroes so far.
  6. Six cities with the most number matches played are
    1. Hyderabad (Telangana)
    2. Bengaluru, Karnataka
    3. Ahmedabad, Gujarat
    4. Surat, Gujarat
    5. Delhi
    6. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

If you have been a user, thank you so much for your faith and we look forward to serving you on CricHeroes. Here is to the next maximum!

I also urge you to help us grow by spreading the word and please share your feedback to help us improve.

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