Jinti Moni Kalita: Meet the rising cricket star from Assam now making her way onto the field of international cricket

From a small town in Assam to the international stadiums in Mumbai, Jinti Moni Kalita is a young up and coming cricketer on her way to stardom! Her achievements do all the speaking for her, which most recently consists of being bought by Mumbai Indians for the Women’s Premier League of 2023, for a sum of 10 Lakh Rupees!

Early Days:

She started her journey as a mere 16 year old, making her way up to the Assam Women’s Cricket team with the help of the Assam Cricket Association.

Jinti Moni Kalita early days

It did not take longer for her skills to charm all those watching, as she proved herself to be an invaluable player on the field; having bagged the title of “Player of the Match” eight times, alongside up to thirteen awards for Best Bowler and Best Batter all together — titles and numerous badges that she earned by recording her plays on the CricHeroes App.

Consistency is Key:

The player’s CricHeroes records are a testament to the importance of consistency on the field, as she has maintained a record of 37 wickets at an average of under 30, and an economy of just over 4, but her talents exceed far beyond just consistency and bowling.

importance of consistency on the field

Her expert fielding abilities — as seen through her 11 run-outs and 16 catches on CricHeroes stats — make her nothing less than a crucial asset to any team she would be a part of.

A Captain’s Delight:

Jinti proves through her captaincy skills

Being a great cricketer however, is not just about making runs, which Jinti proves through her captaincy skills, having led several teams throughout her cricket career. Her story is one that is full of inspiration, proving yet anything that women are capable of whatever they want, and making her a source of motivation to young girls all over India.

Humari choriya choro sey kam he kya?

Cricket, a sport that has always been deemed “ladko ka khel”, has been long kept out of women’s reach all over the country. Years of telling girls to go back to the house has since long been restricting our country’s star players from blooming to their full potential, but this sport now finally seems to be witnessing small, but groundbreaking steps towards achieving equity on the field.

Recognition for women is growing, and for the 2022 annual CricHeroes awards, up to ten women were awarded for their achievements on the field!

We are proud to be able to provide a platform to such stars, as they pave the way for coming generations of female cricket players, who demonstrate the importance of going against norms and breaking through these glass ceilings. So, what is stopping you from embarking on your adventure to becoming the next Jinti? Start now by scoring your matches on the CricHeroes app!

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