Looking for Cricket?

Grassroots Cricket (aka Local Cricket), especially in India, has grown enormously over the years. The success and popularity of the Indian Premier League is a major reason for that. But as more people are playing Cricket in India, they are facing new challenges as well.

For e.g.

  • Someone is looking for the right players for his/her team. Many a time one or two players are missing and you need a wicket-keeper batsman for your team!
  • Someone is looking for a team to join as a player especially if he/she has moved to a new location.
  • Someone is looking for a tournament to participate in his/her city.
  • Someone is looking for a ground to play on around his/her location.
  • Someone is looking for a worthy opponent to play against.

Now, at CricHeroes, our mission is to make the life of grassroots cricketers not just easy but delightful. We had to do something about these problems. Well, it didn’t take us long!

Introducing our latest and coolest feature (no marks for guessing the name)— Looking.

If you have recently updated the app, you will see an elegant small bar on top asking you,

Hey, what are you looking for today?

CricHeroes Looking for feature

Just tap on it, select what you are looking for and post it.

Looking for Feature

CricHeroes smartly matches your requirement with others, for e.g. a player with a team, a team with a player, a team with an opponent, etc.

Smart? Ain’t it?

All in all, Looking is our humble attempt to make today’s grassroots cricket better by connecting players, teams and other stakeholders of the game with each other. Of course, this is just the first version of the feature and we will keep improving it. But if you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share in comments below.

Make new connections and enjoy this beautiful game together with Looking from CricHeroes.

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