3 simple ways to make your Ad stand out on the CricHeroes Market

Cricket is not only the second most popular sport in the world but also a lifeline for millions of small businesses and professionals, who make a living selling cricket related products and services.

For most of them, promoting their products or services on WhatsApp was the only viable option for marketing until CricHeroes Market launched a few months ago.

CricHeroes Market is the ultimate place to sell cricket products and services to the millions of cricket enthusiasts in India and all around the world.

We already talked about how CricHeroes Market can benefit the sellers to increase their sales in our previous blog. But what if we tell you that some sellers make more money on our market than others? It is true for any marketplace and it is true for CricHeroes Market as well. But why?

Well, recently we did a survey to find out why certain Ads on CricHeroes Market perform better than the others. We found out three major points.

Attractive and contextual title of the Ad

The ads with attractive and contextual titles fared much better than those who didn’t. Check below example.

Attractive and contextual title of the Ad

Premium Quality Kashmir Willow Leather Bat is a much better title than just Cricket bat. We know it’s obvious but many of our sellers don’t pay attention to it. If you are a seller on CricHeroes Market, you should pay attention here.

Product Images

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The most important thing for any ad on the CricHeroes Market is the attractive, crisp product images.

Product Images

Click photos of your products with a good quality mobile camera on a solid background. Post more than one images of your product with different angles depending on your product type.

CricHeroes Market Tip

The size and shape of images also matter. Keep minimum dimension of 1008×1008 or in simple language post square images so buyers can view the whole image in one go.

If you are promoting a tournament, mention all the key details in the image.

The first image in the following example makes sense. All the key details are mentioned in the image itself so that users don’t have to go through the description whereas the second image looks very scattered and unengaging. You would also move past that ad, right?

CricHeroes Market Tip 2

Detailed Description

Which one of the following ad would you prefer?

Detailed Description CricHeroes Market tip

The first one with good pictures and a detailed description is a much better Ad compared to the second.

So these are the three key steps to become an effective seller on CricHeroes Market. Customers make quick decisions by looking at the ad so that they can shop faster and move on. So while posting your ad on CricHeroes Market, keep these three factors in your mind and make your ad stand out.

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