How to Live Stream your cricket match?

Cricket Live Stream has become an inseparable part of weekends for millions of amateur cricketers not only in India but across the world. It is not only a great way to pass time and be with friends but one of the most beautiful games one can play.

According to one survey by ICC, there are more than 300 million active participants of Cricket above the age of 16. And interest in Cricket is ever increasing because of adrenaline-fueled T20 competitions like the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, Mzansi Super League, etc.

Inspired by this new thrilling version of the game, and the availability of Cricket Live Stream, more and more young cricketers are aspiring to become professionals or at least want to play good quality cricket and improve as cricketers.

Now on the other end smartphones and data have become extremely cost-effective in countries like India, where the bulk of the Cricket is played. This has started a new revolution of digitally scoring the matches online instead of paper scoresheets. CricHeroes along with a few other apps have fueled this transformation.

No more messy scoresheets, no more fights and a better understanding of the game powered by data.

So far so good. But Cricket like most other sports is also a very visual game. That means, even though you can follow the local matches ball by ball on apps like CricHeroes, watching the game along with that is always more fun.

Fortunately, because of faster 4G networks, it is possible now to Live Stream your local cricket matches without spending a bomb. But how to do that?

Let me explain all the available options for you.

Live Stream your Cricket Match using just your mobile phone

The easiest of all the options. Ain’t it? And no, we are not talking about Youtube or Facebook live stream (even though that works too!), we are talking about something better.

With CricHeroes, you can easily stream your cricket matches live with TV-like scores and all you need is a mobile phone with a tripod. We know what you are thinking. You are worried about the quality of the video, aren’t you? Well, check out some matches streamed using just a mobile phone on CricHeroes.

Convinced? Well, now check out how can you Live Stream your cricket match using CricHeroes.

Live Stream your cricket match using a DSLR Camera

Another cost-effective method of live streaming is to use a DSLR camera if you already have one. Following steps explains how can you do that.

  1. Set up your DSLR camera on the ground.
  2. Connect the camera with a laptop.
  3. Live stream your match using OBS (Open Broadcast System) on Youtube.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you won’t get TV-like scores overlayed on the video. Well, worry not. If you purchase a Score Ticker from CricHeroes for your match or tournament, that problem will also be solved. This is how it works.

Professional Setup

A professional setup is generally used in high-end domestic tournaments and international matches. It needs robust and weatherproof cameras to provide uninterrupted Cricket Live Stream.

Other than professional cameras, it needs laptop(s) exclusively for live-streaming and additional accessories such as the mini monitor, tripod stand, clamp and panning head.

Companies like PitchVision and CricHQ provide such sports technologies.

The professional set up provides the best results but it also requires technical assistance and high operational cost, which can be an obstacle for live streaming grassroots cricket matches.

The production and broadcasting of an international cricket match require more than 30 cameras and 80 production personnel which also includes umpire camera, stump cam, super slo-mo cam as well as spider cam, and maybe a few more in future.

But hey, let’s start with what we have right now? Should we?

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