Going through a rough patch? CricInsights hai na!

Cricket is a sport where a slightest mistake can cost you the game. There are no second chances for e.g. the batter getting out on a first ball; A fielder dropping a crucial catch; The bowler bowling a no ball in the super over! List of such horror stories in cricket is long. Having said that, to err is human but to learn and improve is greatness! 🙂

It’s costly to make a mistake for professional cricketers but they are aware about their strengths, weaknesses and even of opponents with the help of data. Most of them have dedicated coaching staff and analysts helping them become better with the help of technology.

But what about the millions of grassroots cricketers like us? Don’t we play the game with equal passion? Don’t we want to become better?

At CricHeroes, we are working very hard to avail the same technology and analytics for grassroots cricketers to become better with every match.

CricInsights is our attempt to do just that. Help you improve as a cricketer with the help of data.

What is CricInsights?

CricInsights is an analytics module delivering intelligent insights for cricketers based on the scoring data collected by the platform.

It has something for everyone no matter what role do you play in your team or what format of cricket matches you prefer.

For Batters

Never say, “This is how I play” without knowing the ground conditions and other aspects affecting your game. You know your game the best but we can help you even more with Batting Insights.

There’s a difference between batting average and average batting.

So we offer you batting insights specifically from the Batter’s perspective.

  • How have you batted in the last 5 innings?
  • What’s your playing style?
  • How and when do you lose your wickets the most?
  • Which is the most suitable batting position for you?

You may feel you know the answers to above questions but do you, really? Listen to Aakash Chopra if you don’t believe us!

For Bowlers

Don’t throw the ball, brush your ear with a straight arm. — your coach must have nudged you ample times like this. But we all know good bowling is more than that.

With Bowling Insights, you can be aware about how many wickets you take, in what position and much more! To be a successful bowler, you need to understand your own strengths first.

  • How have you bowled in the last 5 innings?
  • What’s the most effective bowling position for you?
  • What are the types of wickets you have taken so far?
  • What are the types of runs and extras given by you?

Again, you don’t need to hear it from us. Here is Mr. Chopra for you 🙂

For Captains

We all agree that captainship in grassroots cricket is harder. Why? Well, not only you have to win the matches but you also need to maintain the relationships! You know where we are going with this, right? 🙂

  • What should you choose after winning the toss on this ground?
  • What is the average 1st & 2nd innings score on this ground?
  • Who are the most dangerous batters of the opponents?
  • Who is more effective in this tournament? Pacers or Spinners?
  • Who should open in this match?

With CricInsights, these decisions not only become easier for the captains but they can also convince their teammates to follow the data. Not just us, Aakash also feels the same!


Alright, so what next?

Great, it seems we sold you the idea! 🙂 All you need to do now is download the CricHeroes App and become a CricHeroes Pro.

Yes, it can actually make you pro, bro!

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