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We are fans of leaderboards at CricHeroes. After all, Cricket is a game of stats and nothing makes it more fun than competing for those stats!

We have CH Leaderboard, which is an all-time ranking of cricketers on CricHeroes.

CH Leaderboard

We have Top Performers, which ranks cricketers daily, weekly and monthly based on their actual performances.

Top Performers

We have Table Toppers, which ranks cricket teams based on various parameters like number of matches played, win%, etc.

Table Toppers
Table Toppers — All time ranking of grassroots cricket teams

And now we have Scorer Leaderboard, which ranks the most important stakeholder of the game — the scorer, based on Scoring Quality Score (SQS).

Scorer Leaderboard — Monthly ranking of cricket scorers on CricHeroes

Now before we dig deeper in SQS, let us remind you that these scorers can be professionals, amateurs or even enthusiastic cricketers. You see, anyone can score their cricket matches on the CricHeroes App. It’s that easy.

We created Scorer Leaderboard for 2 reasons. One, we wanted to recognise the scorers who work extremely hard to score the matches and second, we want to improve scoring quality for everyone involved in the game of Cricket.

Now let’s understand the parameters of Scoring Quality Score (SQS) in detail.

Number of matches scored

The scorer needs to score 10 or more matches in a month to get the perfect score for this parameter. If you are really into scoring, this should not be a problem.

Scheduling Matches in Advance

Scheduling matches in advance makes it easier for everyone to follow the game. Players get reminders and also a chance to analyse their opponents before the match. To get full marks, the scorer needs to schedule matches in advance.

Number of Legitimate Deliveries

This is a tricky one. Based on certain parameters we evaluate if the scorer has done the scoring during the match as in live or have scored the match after it is over. We also check if there are a lot of UNDOs while scoring. This is to reward the scorers who are focused during the match and don’t take shortcuts.

Using Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel is probably the second-most important element of a cricket scorecard after the actual scores. It tells you where batters are scoring most runs and where they are getting out, where bowlers are leaking runs and where they are taking wickets. Again, to recognise the diligent scorers, if they have used Wagon Wheel properly for all the deliveries they get full percentage here.

Adding Match Officials

It is important to know who officiated the matches scored on CricHeroes. It enhances the profiles of respective match officials and also helps players rate them. The scorer needs to add at least 2 umpires and a scorer as Match Officials while starting a match to get full points.

Photos of the Match

Sometimes scores are not enough to give you the full picture! To get a full score here, the scorer needs to add at least 3 match photos. Look for the camera icon while scoring the match.

Making Players Verified

Verified players make the scores and overall experience much more authentic for everyone involved in the match. After all we all like to play with real humans and not bots! If all the players of both the playing squads are verified, the scorer gets 100%. To get verified, all you need to do it download the app and sign in or login to the website.

Uploading Profile Pictures of Players

Similarly, if all the players of both the playing squads have profile pictures, the experience even gets better. Don’t you think? To get full marks, scorers need to make sure everyone has a profile pic set in CricHeroes. If not, they can nudge them to upload their profile pictures from their respective profile.

Once again, the rationale behind the SQS and Scorer Leaderboard is to make sure quality scoring happens and to recognise (and reward) the scorers who are doing good work. Please let us know if we have missed something here or we can improve.

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