How is CricHeroes solving grassroots cricket problems?

In India, more than 54 lac people play cricket, regardless of their gender, age, caste, or religion. And as per Business Insider, India is home to 13.6 crore cricket fans who either enjoy the frenzy on live sports channels or on OTT. 

It is evident that Cricket is more than just a sport in India – it is a religion that unites culturally and ethically

Despite concrete evidence, local cricket clubs and grassroots cricket hasn’t seen enough encouragement in the country. Not just logistical, even technical challenges (even in 2023) surface and hamper the future of the grassroots cricket community.

But the problems with local cricket clubs are not just a concern in India. Local cricket clubs across the world face problems. If you think you are alone and fighting against the universe, then you are wrong. 

However, there’s one major difference between any local cricket team and an aspirational local team. Cricket aspiring players don’t let frustration get to them. They find solutions and make their way into professional cricket. 

But before we talk about solutions, let’s discuss a few common problems faced by local cricket clubs.

Problems Local Cricket Clubs and Players Face in India

  • Administrative issues

Although India has recognized grassroots cricket and opened several opportunities for players, some limitations are often beyond the control of the players. 

Several grounds are available but allotment and availability are a challenge. Not all cricket teams can afford expensive equipment, some get rewards from the government but others are still in the queue. 

Recognition and entry into mainstream cricket are other sets of challenges. Selection committees and coaches are under unexplainable pressure, causing prejudice in selections. 

Hence, the lack of resources, infrastructure, and platforms has prevented many local players from realizing their dreams. 

  • Gender bias at the local level

While landmark decisions are being made to get rid of gender discrimination at the national and international levels, efforts toward grassroots cricket are still minimal.

Female cricketers at the grassroots level are low in strength as compared to male players. They face unwarranted societal restrictions including the freedom to choose a sport. 

  • Cricket as a career

For a cricket-crazy nation like India, 71% of parents don’t approve of cricket as a career but endorse other sports as an option to consider.

Clearly, cricket as a career is still in a grey area that parents generally don’t like to touch. Unless a prodigy or a rebel makes a breakthrough, it’s hard to convince parents to encourage their children in local cricket competitions.

With the right recognition, CricHeroes is hoping to bring a revolution in this industry. 

  • Washed out by rain

Besides administrative and societal issues, there are technical and logistical problems too. 

International grounds and organizers are equipped to handle rain during a cricket match, but local-level cricket matches are unprepared and often lose enthusiasm due to climate uncertainty.

One big problem is the delicately maintained cricket pitch and ground–one heavy shower and the ground is no longer useful. 

But let’s say the grounds are available, but local cricket tournament scoring is unable to accommodate the DLS method. So one way or another, rains hinder local cricket and are a huge challenge to date.

  • Manual cricket scoring sheet

Technology may have invited ample changes, however, cricket scoring sheet is still lingering around. Manual scoring, unfortunately, is still a preferred method by many local-level cricket organizers. 

  • Poor preparation and strategy 

Local clubs and competitions have improved their playing standards despite many challenges. But directly jumping on the field without any prior preparation or strategic approach is still a risky job to attempt.

But guess what, the root cause is the manual scoring, lack of cricket data, analysis, and structured insights. 

  • No broadcasting of local cricket tournaments

Cricket players at any level need a platform to get recognized and feel appreciated. Transmitting local cricket matches and tournaments in front of the right set of eyes is as necessary as spending on cricket equipment. And still remains unaddressed in a scalable manner.

Problems are a part and parcel of every struggling player, actor, or artist. If you got to make it large in any field, you need to search for a viable solution. 

However, for local cricketers, CricHeroes has a readymade solution to most of your issues and an indirect impact on administrative and societal problems.

How is CricHeroes Solving The Local Cricket Problems?

  • Scoring app

It’s time to fetch live scores from local matches with the CricHeroes scoring app. 

CricHeroes offers an advanced mobile-based cricket scoring app. This app monitors and presents scores of local cricket matches and tournaments registered on the app.

Did you know, by using the scoring app of CricHeroes, you can experience;

  • 10x better scoring than paper-based scoresheets
  • Get an international-grade scorecard for all your matches.
  • Not just matches, but track scores of a live tournament.
  • Besides scorecards, get access to advanced insights from match data. 

And all this with minimum effort from the scorekeeper. 

Live scoring and past scorecards on Cricheroes help in building cricket strategy. It aids cricket teams that wish to approach a match or a tournament strategically to prepare well.

  • Live Streaming

Live streaming on CricHeroes is a successful way to broadcast the match and help friends and families as well as authorities and selectors discover talented players. 

On scheduling the match on Cricheroes and purchasing the live stream, you are ready for the match day.

  • Get hold of a high-pixel mobile phone and a tripod. 
  • Remember to carry a power bank for an uninterrupted power supply and get access to a stable network offering at least 4G speed. 
  • Next, download the Cricheroes Live Stream app on the phone and log in with your credentials.

Live streaming is another excellent opportunity for throwing the limelight on cricket partners and sponsors. You can help them feature on the live cricket streaming match. 

And with Score Ticker, local cricket live scores are easily accessible. The audience gets a real-time view of the full scorecard for all live-streaming matches on Cricheroes. 

Both batting and bowling scorecards show up every over and on innings break. And the exciting part is the theme of the score ticker is completely customizable–choose from multiple in-built themes and a ton of color options.

  • Stats and CricInsights

Stats and insights are the most-appreciated expertise of Cricheroes. 

Local cricket stats are extracted from the scores and analyzed by the app. 

Do you know how these local cricket stats and insights help?

  • Build playing strategy- fielding, batting, and bowling. 
  • Evaluate your opposition– teams and individual players.
  • Quickly amend the batting and bowling order.
  • Take proactive measures on weaknesses and nurture players’ strengths. 
  • Collaborate with selectors and authorities in mainstream cricket.

Would you like to invest in a local cricket score app? 

Local cricket players have untapped potential and energy that haven’t been exploited well. While technology and sports in India have excelled, local cricket is still looked at as an option and an insignificant matter. 

It could seem insignificant now, but these players are vesting their time and energy to make the country proud at some point. Small changes in administrative matters and a big change in our mindset can save their dreams. 

If you are someone who recognizes the potential in local cricket players, then here’s what you have to do. Simply download the CricHeroes app and start organizing matches online

Let’s make India a cricket-friendly nation, not just a cricket-crazy one.

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